Thermal blankets for swimming pools

Thermal blankets for swimming pools made to measure

If you want to optimize the resources for the maintenance of your pool, we recommend our thermal pool blankets. We offer you the opportunity to create your own with the characteristics and measurements of your pool. In this way, you will receive the cover completely adapted to your pool just to place it and enjoy the water in optimal conditions.

If you have ever considered covering your pool during the swimming season, thus increasing the water temperature, the thermal double bubble blankets (Geobubble technology) are the best option.

GeoBubble is an innovative type of bubble that uses a scientifically designed contour to increase the life of thermal blankets by up to 25%.

  • Design without sharp edges that could result in thin or fragile spots.
  • No stress points due to smooth, interconnected bubble curves.
  • 50% thicker than traditional bubble wrap at its thinnest point
  • Increased resistance against UV radiation and chemical damage.

Increases the water temperature
water temperature and maintains


Reduces water pollution
water pollution by waste


Eliminates the
evaporation of water


Technologically developed
for longer service life

Types of finish

You can choose the type of finish for your thermal blanket, reinforcing it and extending the life of the cover as well as adapting it for the roller if you wish.


Simple thermal blanket

Does not include piping and reinforcements


Blanket with reinforced ends

Ribbed and with holes on one side


Ultra Reinforced Blanket

With holes for the winder, heavy-duty piping

infographic-thermal blanket-pool

Staircase recessing

In our factory we make the stairwell so that the handrail does not prevent the correct installation of the cover.

thermal blanket-pool
thermal blanket-pool
thermal blanket-pool

Which thermal pool blankets do we recommend?

Our heated pool blankets, among others, offer these common benefits:

  • They prevent dirt from falling into the water
  • Prevent evaporation
  • Isolate the bathing area

If you are looking for a specific quality, this is our recommendation:

  • Preventing proliferation: Geobubble EnergyGuard
  • Maintaining the temperature of the heat pump: Geobubble 700 microns
  • Increase water temperature: Geobubble Sol+Guard

In this post of our blog we expand the information

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How durable are the thermal blankets for swimming pools?


We have a wide range of thermal pool covers. Not all thermal blankets have the same lifespan, with Geobubble technology being the highest quality and most durable, and therefore the product we recommend.

For example, Geobubble "Guard" technology covers, if used as recommended, can last for more than 4 years.

Single bubble thermal blankets, however, have a lifespan of approximately 2 years.

Thermal pool blankets : Why Geobubble?

Geobubble is an innovative material that uses a scientifically developed bubble contour to increase the lifespan of your thermal blanket. It is 50% thicker than a traditional bubble. This material acts as a barrier between the water surface and the atmosphere. Covering the pool with a Geobubble thermal blanket prevents evaporation by 98% and increases the water temperature.

Can I use the cover during the winter?

As a manufacturer specialising in the development and manufacture of pool covers, we do not recommend the use of summer covers (bubbles) after the end of the swimming season. Thermal blankets float on the surface of the water and are not designed to withstand the harsh winter weather. The best option is a winter pool cover.


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Best quality/price

  • Bubble design with no thin or weak spots
  • 50% thicker than single round bubble thermal blankets
  • Increased resistance to UV radiation and chemical attack