Our rollers for thermal pool covers

Pool roller for your pool cover. In International Coverpool we are specialists in the manufacture and sale of all kinds of thermal blankets for swimming pool, tarpaulins and rollers for your pool.

With our pool cover rollers you can extend and collect your floating cover and move it to a storage place easily, leaving the swimming area clear. They are economical and simple to use and will help you to extend the life of the thermal blanket, avoiding direct exposure to the sun and rubbing against the pool coping stone.


Our telescopic reels are made of anodised aluminium in the form of telescopic tubes that allow the necessary length to be adjusted for all possible pool sizes without the need for cutting. We have the widest range of fixed and mobile reels with wheels for easy transport.

  • It makes it easier to put on and take off the cover or thermal blanket.
  • It reduces physical effort and can be performed by one person.
  • Increases the life of the cover, avoiding unnecessary breakages or accidents

Ask for your tailored quote without commitment and our team of professionals will recommend the best for you at the best market price. We manufacture customized pool covers for pools.

Pool winder : General Information


Among our wide range of pool covers, you can find the one that best suits your swimming area. We have a solution for the placement and collection of your cover, both for above ground pools and in-ground or in-ground pools. The lifespan of floating covers can be affected if they are not stored rolled up.

Each model has stainless steel tubes that allow you to telescopically adjust the roller to the width of your pool.

Automatic reels allow you to uncover and cover the pool at the touch of a button. On the other hand, we have manual reels of different structures and design. Some of them have wheels for easy transport, and others are anchored in a fixed way. In each model of reel you can choose the diameter of the tube in order to provide greater stability depending on the dimensions of your pool. The choice of size will depend on the width of your pool.

Solar pool cover : Which solar pool cover is the most suitable?

We have a wide catalogue of reels for thermal pool covers. The measurements and the type of pool you have are very important factors when making the decision. Aesthetics is another factor to consider. In our range of reels you will find models for above ground pools, automatic, with handle and with steering wheel

What tube diameter should I choose?

The diameter of the tube will influence the stability of the reel when picking up and placing the heating blanket in your pool. If your pool is large, we recommend a tube diameter of between 92 mm - 112 mm. If your pool has a standard size, the solar pool blanket will not be heavy, so you can choose a tube diameter of between 80 mm - 92 mm.

Is it difficult to assemble the reels?


We send each reel with instructions so that its assembly does not present any difficulty. In addition, we provide videos and explanatory graphic material to our customers so that they can do it easily.