Thermal blanket 400 micron ECO Cristal

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400 micron

Increases water temperature


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Thermal pool blanket cheaper. Transparent 400 ECO.


If you want a cheaper and transparent thermal pool cover 400 micron ECO is the perfect option to increase the water temperature with an economical and quality pool cover. This pool cover increases the water temperature up to 10ºC thanks to the solar collection. It maintains the temperature during the night avoiding evaporation. Covering the pool with this thermal pool cover prevents debris from falling into the water, keeping the water clean and saving on pool maintenance.

What are the advantages of the cheapest transparent thermal blanket 400 micron ECO?

Covering the pool with a transparent thermal blanket will allow you to save on pool maintenance. The cover insulates the bathing area by covering the pool shell and preventing external agents such as insects, leaves or other debris from falling in. This results in savings in chemical products of up to 40% per year.

  • Keep the water clean
  • Increases water temperature
  • Save on chemicals

You can choose your heating blanket with the finish of your choice:

Ribbed on the widths (lateral reinforcement)


All-round ribbing (ultra-stiffened)







So that the durability of the cover is not diminished, it is advisable to keep it rolled up and in a place away from sun exposure once the bathing season is over. For this purpose, we have a wide range of automatic and manual rollers. In addition, this will allow you to unroll and extend the cover in the pool easily and comfortably during the summer.

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