Thermal pool cover Geobubble 500 micron

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Thermal blanket for swimming pool

Double bubble Geobubble

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Thermal blanket 500 microns GeobuBble


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What is GeoBubble?

GeoBubble is an innovative type of bubble that uses a scientifically engineered contour to increase the life of thermal blankets by up to 25%.

  • Design without sharp edges that could result in thin or fragile spots.
  • No stress points due to smooth, interconnected bubble curves.
  • 50% thicker than traditional bubble wrap at its thinnest point
  • Increased resistance against UV radiation and chemical damage.


The science behind GeoBubble

Pool covers are exposed to ultraviolet rays and chemicals. Geobubble's 500 micron thermal blanket is specifically designed for these conditions and is more resistant to these attacks.

Traditional bubbles had been developed for the packaging industry, and were low quality bubbles. These bubbles had many weak points, including finer points and higher residual stress. The finer points of the bubble would break down quickly under chemical or UV attack. The degradation process is accelerated in high stress areas because these areas are often under constant stress. These factors cause the bubble material to break down and cause premature failure of the pool cover, which is why we recommend Geobubble double bubble.

thermal blanket-500-micron

Geobubble heated pool blankets

What makes GeoBubble unique?

  • Unique patented design with two bubbles joined by a central waist section
  • No sharp corners, fine points or weak points in the design
  • Stress-free material due to interconnected bends
  • The overall thickness of a GeoBubble is 50% greater than a traditional bubble.
  • Increased resistance to UV rays and chemicals.

cover prevents evaporation

Why does GeoBubbble have such a large footprint?

GeoBubble is larger than traditional bubbles to allow for expansion of the air inside the bubble. The rigid waist makes the bubble strong enough to hold air and will not stretch or burst. It also acts as an insulator, retaining heat in the pool, and helps the cover stick to the water.


What is a stabilization package?

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are emitted by the sun and partially absorbed by the Ozone layer. UV ra ys are not only bad for the skin but also for many materials such as plastic products. Unless these materials are specially treated, they will fade if exposed to these rays and chemicals.

For that reason, bubble design alone cannot prevent premature failure of a blanket. The best package of additives, stabilisers and anti-oxidants available has been developed. This package increases the life of the material by helping it to be more resistant to UV rays and chemicals. Together with the unique bubble design, the longevity of the product is radically increased, making this the highest quality product on the market.


Main advantages of the standard Geobubble material

  • Increases water temperature
  • Reduces waste pollution
  • Increases the pool temperature
  • Reduces chemical consumption
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Saves costs and reduces the carbon footprint of your pool


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