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OXO thermal pool cover, the innovative material optimised for greater performance

The OXO thermal pool cover is designed with a shape and spacing between bubbles that offers great resistance. The thick, homogeneous shape of OXO, unlike other bubble materials, does not expand in the sun. This considerably increases its durability, as the bubble is uniform at all times.

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Increased durability and buoyancy

The OXO thermal pool cover is designed with a thick and homogeneous bubble whose shape and air content offers greater durability. By covering your pool with OXO, you not only prevent dirt from falling in.

The classic thermal blankets expand with the heat of the sun, and they exert a kind of respiration according to the temperature of the environment. This drastically reduces the service life of the blanket. The thick, rounded shape of the OXO thermal blanket remains firm and uniform at all times, thus increasing its durability.

Increases water temperature

The OXO 500 micron blue thermal pool cover increases the water temperature by 6ºC in ideal conditions (if the pool is exposed to the sun for a few hours). The design and colour of the cover allows it to capture solar radiation and transmit it to the pool, keeping it at a pleasant temperature and preventing evaporation. The buoyancy offered by OXO allows it to exert an insulating effect on your pool that will prevent heat loss and dirt from falling into the water. Therefore, you will notice a great saving in the maintenance of the bathing area.

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