Raeguard 800 micron reinforced thermal blanket

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Raeguard thermal blanket 800 microns

RaeGuard is the latest product developed with Geobubble technology. A thermal blanket specifically designed to retain heat thanks to its adapted reflective properties, with a reinforcement layer that makes it more resistant. This cover that allows you to save up to 57% of heating savings is the best choice for pools with heat pumps or heated pools.


Geobubble Raeguard reinforced thermal blanket : Retains heat. Saves on heating.

RaeGuard offers up to 90% of the insulating performance of traditional 5 mm foam but with a significant reduction in material cost. The service life of this fabric-reinforced cover can reach 9-10 years with proper care.


Main benefits of Geobubble's Raeguard 800 micron thermal blanket

geobubble-geobubble-blanket Retains heat and maintains pool temperature

geobubble-geobubble-blanket Reduces heating costs by up to 57%.

geobubble-geobubble-blanket Return the cost of a cover within 1 year

geobubble-geobubble-blanket Works in both indoor and outdoor pools

geobubble-geobubble-blanket Eliminates evaporation by 98%.

geobubble-geobubble-blanket Reduces waste pollution

geobubble-geobubble-blanket Save money and reduce the environmental impact of your pool

geobubble-geobubble-blanket Expected useful life of more than 8 years

geobubble-geobubble-blanket Geobubble technology

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Reinforcements Thermal Blanket

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