Reel for bar cover



Bar cover winder

Rolling your rod cover on and off your pool has never been easier. With this bar cover roller you won't have to make any effort, as it is operated at the push of a button.

This roller cover has dimensions of 107 cm long with a 25 cm high handle. The ultimate solution for the placement of the bar cover.


How does the bar cover winder work?

Bar covers are somewhat more complex to fit and remove due to the weight of the protective cover (PVC) attached to the bars. Until now, the usual way to unroll the bar cover was manually using a hand crank. This could be tedious and was not the most comfortable and quickest way to handle the cover. With our bar cover winder you can unroll your pool cover quickly and easily.

The reel is operated by pressing a trigger located on the handle, it is anchored to the end of the main tube of the cover and effectively pulls up the cover without any effort.


Technical characteristics of the reel

Battery 1.5 aH | 18V

Lithium-ionmotor and battery pack included


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