Black winter blankets

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580 g/m2

Colour Black/Black

The black winter cover includes rubber bands and anchors for installation.

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Black winter cover

The black winter cover functions as a safety element in the pool once the swimming season is over. In addition, by covering the pool, you will prevent water evaporation and dirt from falling in, thus saving on maintenance.

Avoids dirt

Keeps the pool clean by preventing dirt from entering the water. Its opacity allows the sun to decompose the matter in the pool keeping it clean and crystal clear during the winter.

Save on pool maintenance with a black winter cover

By keeping the water in perfect condition, the cover makes it possible for us to reuse the water year after year without having to change it. And it also saves on chemicals by preventing the accumulation of dirt in the water. Therefore it will need less maintenance.


The winter cover not only protects the pool from bad weather, such as frost, but also prevents people or animals from falling into the pool.

All our covers include the necessary accessories for their installation (rubbers and anchorage screws).



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