Pool bar cover

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The cover includes an extra 20 cm on each side for anchoring.

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Pool bar cover

A pool bar protection cover is the solution when to fully protect your swimming area. A pool cover without anchorage bolted to the ground. With this cover, total safety is guaranteed thanks to its crossbar system.

A bar protection cover is the solution when it comes to fully protecting your bathing area. With this cover, total safety is guaranteed thanks to its system of cross bars. Get a completely safe pool without the need to install other types of systems that break with the aesthetics of the space, the bar cover is elegant and customizable in 7 different colors.

  • ISO9001 quality certificate.
  • Conforms to NFP90-308 standards.
  • 40 mm diameter bars.
  • Thickness 650 gr/m².
  • Distance of 1.60 to 1.90 m between bars.
  • With drainage system for rains.

A winter cover is essential to maintain the quality of the pool water during the winter season.


What are the advantages of the bar cover?


Avoids dirt

Keeps the pool clean by preventing dirt from entering the water. Its opacity allows the sun to decompose the matter in the pool keeping it clean and crystal clear during the winter.


By keeping the water in perfect condition, the winter tarpaulin allows us to reuse the water year after year without having to change it. And it also saves on chemicals as it prevents the accumulation of dirt in the water. So you will need less maintenance.


The wintering cover not only protects the pool from the weather, such as frost, but also prevents people and animals from falling into the pool.


Available colours



Maintenance tips

For a correct maintenance of the cover, it is recommended to clean the cover 3-6 times a year. This cleaning is particularly important to remove any impurities that may clog the drains. In the event of snowfall, if it is more than 10 cm thick, the cover should be cleaned immediately.

To maintain safety qualities, keep your pool filled to the same water level as during the swimming season. This will prevent bending of the pipes and possible breakdowns.


Can I use the bar cover during the summer?

The bar cover, as a protective cover (PVC) prevents heat loss, algae proliferation, evaporation and possible accidental falls. Due to the weight of the cover (650 gr/m2), it is not the most comfortable option to cover the pool during the swimming season. In this case, we recommend the use of thermal pool blankets.


Pool cover without anchorage

The bar cover is the best option if you are looking to install a protective cover on your pool without the need for screws. If you do not want to drill holes in the coping stone or the ground to fit your cover, the bar cover is the right product for you.

Reel for bar cover

The bar cover can be easily positioned and retracted with a crank handle that is included with the cover. In addition, we have a unique winder on the market that allows the cover to be automatically retracted. This way you can use the cover 365 days a year.



Download the installation manual for the bar cover


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