Preparing the pool water with the arrival of good weather and having an optimal pool is a refreshing pleasure, especially when the hot summer arrives. However, keeping the swimming area in good condition requires some care and maintenance in order to enjoy it clean and cared for.

Preparing your pool water. Tips for cleaning it.

Run a leaf net through the water to remove any debris that may have fallen into the water. Removing the waste from the surface prevents it from falling to the bottom, where it is more difficult to remove it.

Clean the pool walls and floor with a pool cleaner. Make sure
that there are no large objects on the bottom of the pool as these will not be picked up by the pool vacuum cleaner

Empty the filter basket regularly. Get rid of debris


What treatment should I do in the pool?

  • Check that the pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.6.
  • Keep the pool full. Water, especially in summer, evaporates and this causes the pool to be continually refilled. This can be avoided with a heated pool blanket in summer (they prevent 98% of evaporation). These heated blankets will also save you up to 25% on chemical usage,
  • Starts the anti-algae treatment throughout the pool. The Energy Guard thermal cover is designed to prevent algae proliferation by 98%.
  • Leave the purifier in filtration for one day.

At International Coverpool we have a wide range of pool covers. Covering the pool means saving on the maintenance of the swimming area (chemicals and water).

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