Why should you cover your pool?

Covering the pool, in addition to the benefits it brings in terms of enjoying the water in the desired conditions, saves money and energy. There is a world water crisis. In our country, a hydrological year has come to an end in which, although it has rained more than in previous years, the water reserve is at an all-time low.

The value of water

Users enjoy the benefits of public or private swimming pools with sustainable and reliable water consumption. Do we really value the abundance of the resource we use?

Owning and managing a swimming pool will naturally significantly increase a household's water usage. A substantial percentage of your pool's water consumption is due to evaporation.

Using a thermal cover is a simple and cost-effective way to reduce water waste in a pool. When a pool is covered, evaporation is reduced by 98%.

One of the most important aspects to take into account when we have a pool and want to save energy and water is to have it covered whenever it is not in use. During a swimming season in Spain, the average outdoor pool will lose approximately 35,000 litres of water through evaporation. This is equivalent to more than 150,000 cups of coffee or 180 10-minute showers.

Climate change is becoming a growing concern for pool owners looking to reduce their energy and resource consumption. Many pool owners underestimate something as simple as the benefits of a quality pool cover and its positive impact on resource consumption. Evaporation is responsible for 98% of water loss.

Covering your pool with Geobubble technology

GeoBubble thermal blankets provide a barrier over the pool eliminating evaporation and preserving this vital resource. 98% of evaporation and preserving this vital resource. Without a cover, the potential energy wasted due to evaporation is enormous.

If you have a swimming pool with a heat pump, the use of a thermal cover will prevent evaporation caused by having the pool uncovered. It will use the sun's energy to increase the temperature and prevent heat loss. Therefore, your pool's heat pump will not have to generate as much energy and, in this way, you will save money on your energy bill.

All GeoBubble covers will provide this evaporation control, as well as heat retention, debris control and temperature control for your pool, and the design of your bubble causes the expected life of your pool cover to increase by 25%. 

The water saved by covering your pool and preventing evaporation for one season is enough for 270 baths or more than 87,000 cups of tea. The energy saved over the same period is enough to power your TV for 5 hours a day for 95 days, or enough to power 112 15-watt light bulbs for a year 24 hours a day.

What type of cover should I use to cover my pool?

A study conducted by California Polytechnic State University investigated the evaporation reduction efficiencies of a variety of pool covers, the results of which are shown in the table below:

All types of pool covers will give you better evaporation control compared to an open-air pool, but which type of cover offers the best performance?

The study showed that liquid covers and solar disks provided substantially less effective evaporation control, with foam being the most effective, and a standard bubble cover showing an efficiency of around 95%.

However, from our own evaporation control tests, we have found that a GeoBubble cover will provide up to 98% evaporation reduction.

If you want to save on resources and meet specific needs, take a look at Geobubble's Guard range.