Thermal blanket swimming pool. Choose your summer pool cover.

Choose the thermal pool cover that best suits your needs and enjoy the water in the conditions you want thanks to a summer cover. The thermal blankets heat the pool optimally by capturing solar radiation. This option allows you to save on chemical products and avoid water evaporation. Among the wide range of thermal blankets we highlight the Geobubble technology, developed to provide greater durability and performance to the pool cover.

Swimming pool heating blanket made to measure

With a pool cover in summer you will optimise the maintenance resources in your swimming area. You can create your own heated pool cover with individual features and dimensions. This way, you will receive the pool cover fully adapted to your needs, just to put it in place and enjoy the water in optimal conditions.

With a heated pool blanket, you can take advantage of and conserve the temperature gain caused by the sun's rays. The best option for heating pool water is the Geobubble heated pool blanket.

The double bubble material preserves the temperature gained during the night. The bubble cover acts as an insulating layer between water and air.

If you still have any doubts about which thermal pool cover you need, contact us and our team will advise you to find the best solution. With a thermal pool cover you will be able to heat your swimming area.


Increases the temperature and maintains it


Reduces water pollution water pollution by waste


Eliminates evaporation


Technologically developed for longer service life

Types of finish for thermal blanket for summer swimming pools

You can choose the type of finish for your thermal blanket, reinforcing it and extending the life of the blanket as well as adapting it for the reel if desired


Simple thermal blanket

Does not include piping or reinforcements


Reinforced at the ends

Ribbed with holes on one side


Ultra-reinforced thermal blanket

With holes for the winder, heavy-duty piping

infographic-thermal blanket-pool

Staircase recessing

thermal blanket-pool
thermal blanket-pool
thermal blanket-pool

What is the best thermal pool cover for your pool?


If you want a summer pool cover, you have a wide range of possibilities that will offer you different results depending on your preferences. As professionals, we recommend the Geobubble range for its quality and durability.

  • The Geobubble solar pool blanket provides greater durability
  • Technologically developed for better performance.
  • Thermal pool cover that increases the water temperature by up to 10ºC.

Within the wide range of Geobubble, we highlight the models with fabric, Geobubble 800 micron EnergyGuard and Geobubble 800 micron Sol+Guard.

These pool blanket materials, already successful in their 500 micron version for their ability to inhibit algae growth and increase water temperature respectively, have now been reinforced to increase their thickness and durability.

Single bubble (round) blankets have an estimated lifetime of 2 years, while Geobubble thermal blankets last up to 6 bathing seasons offering maximum performance.

Geobubble thermal cover. Why is it the best summer pool cover?


A Geobubble summer pool cover is technologically developed to be more durable than a simple bubble cover. Depending on its shade and microns, it will provide the water with a series of benefits in relation to the results you want to obtain in your pool water. (Heat the water, cool it, avoid the proliferation of algae, etc...).

Main characteristics of Geobubble thermal pool blankets:

Evaporation control: The cover reduces water loss by evaporation, acting as a barrier between the atmosphere and the water sheet. With a pool cover, water evaporation is prevented up to 98%.

Heat retention: Geobubble air cells provide buoyancy to the cover and insulating capacity to control heat transfer, regulating the temperature in the pool.

Temperature increase: Through solar collection, Geobubble increases the temperature of the water and retains the heat obtained, acting as a barrier to evaporation.

Dirt control in the water: By covering the pool with a thermal blanket, you will prevent leaves, insects, debris and dirt from falling into the water. This reduces the use of chemicals to keep the water clean.

If you want to avoid heat loss in your pool, and maintain the water temperature, thermal covers are the best option, especially 700 micron.



Can I use my heated pool blanket as a winter cover?

The thermal pool cover floats on the surface of the water. During the day, the cover captures solar radiation and transfers this energy to the pool water, allowing the water to be heated. As manufacturers, we do not recommend the use of thermal blankets after the end of the swimming season.

The best option for the winter is a protective cover anchored outside the pool. This will protect the swimming area, prevent evaporation and the fall of external agents, with the consequent savings in maintenance.


Use of the thermal blanket in the swimming pool

Once the bathing season has arrived, the bubble thermal cover will offer a number of advantages to your pool. The thermal blanket is placed with the bubbles facing downwards and in contact with the water.

This avoids temperature losses, as the cover has to fit perfectly in the water sheet. In addition, the material heats the water and is designed to maintain the temperature. It protects the water from the fall of external agents. In our catalogue we have thermal blankets for swimming pools from 400 microns to 800 microns, and a special range: "Guard" which provides the water with a series of specific characteristics depending on its needs.

Thermal pool blanket price

The price of a thermal blanket depends on the dimensions and shape of the pool, as well as the type of cover material. The quality, thickness and type of bubble influence the price of the thermal blanket.

Simple round bubble covers are more economical, although their durability is less than that of more sophisticated ones such as Geobubble or OXO.

If you would like us to advise you to find the option that best suits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our technical team.

Create a custom-made swimming pool thermal blanket quotation

Main advantages of pool blankets

Prevents evaporation

The thermal blankets for swimming pools prevent water evaporation in the bathing area. They act as a barrier between the water and the outside, reducing evaporation by more than 98%.

Temperature increase

Thermal covers increase the temperature of the pool water by capturing solar radiation. In addition, they prevent heat loss by maintaining the temperature obtained.

Retains the heat obtained

Geobubble thermal blankets are designed with a shape and air cells that provide an insulating barrier and unique buoyancy. This layer of air works to control heat transfer to the water and keep it at the desired temperature.

Prevents debris from falling

Covering the pool means keeping the pool clean and consequently saving on pool maintenance chemicals. It prevents leaves, insects and dirt from falling and keeps the swimming area clean and inviting for swimming.

Prevents evaporation. Preserve your pool water.

Avoiding evaporation and preserving your pool water is possible thanks to our thermal pool covers. With a cover, evaporation is eradicated (98%) thus avoiding the loss of thousands of liters annually. In the summer months, in warm areas such as the south of Spain, a pool of 10 x 5 meters loses an average of 428 liters of water per day by evaporation. Therefore, covering the pool, beyond the benefits in terms of maintenance savings, is very beneficial to avoid wasting water resources.

How long does a thermal pool blanket last?

The life span of a thermal pool blanket can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of bubble, its quality, microns, frequency of use and environmental conditions. In general, covers developed specifically for the pool environment, such as the Geobubble or OXO bubble, have a longer life than simple round bubble blankets.

For example, Geobubble 500 micron "Guard" technology covers, following the recommendations for use, can have a durability of more than 4 years. The Geobubble Guard 800 micron range has a durability in excess of 7 bathing seasons.

In order to prolong the life of the cover to the maximum, it is very important to make good use of it by following a series of recommendations. It is advisable to clean it regularly, store it rolled up and avoid long periods of exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Characteristics of Geobubble bubble and differences with traditional bubble


Benefits of the Geobubble bubble pool heating blankets:

  • Bubble design without fragile points
  • Smooth curves without stress points
  • 50% thicker than classic round bubble material
  • Longer service life than round bubble thermal blankets

Thermal covers for swimming pool with classic bubble (ECO). More economical and less durable:

  • Less resistance to chemical attack
  • Corners with weaker points
  • More limited space for air expansion in the thermal blanket