The best time to place a heating mat in a pool depends on the climate and the intended use of the pool. In general, its use begins to be recommended before the start of the swimming season, when temperatures begin to rise. In Spain, this is usually from March or April onwards. However, in heated pools their use is recommended all year round.

Which thermal blanket is the most suitable for heated indoor pools?

There is a thermal pool blanket designed specifically for heated pools. It is Geobubble Raeguard, a cover that maintains the temperature of the water allowing energy savings and avoiding heat loss. This type of thermal blanket is ideal for use throughout the year, achieving considerable annual savings in maintenance.


Can I put the thermal blanket in the pool during the winter?

Placing the thermal blanket in the pool during the winter can be optimal in heated indoor pools. And, as we mentioned before, it means great savings in thermal energy and maintenance. However, in outdoor pools, inclement weather can reduce the useful life of the cover.

The only thermal cover that can be used after the end of the swimming season is the Geobubble EnergyGuard (black), due to its ability to inhibit algae growth.

It is important to keep in mind that the effectiveness of a thermal blanket will also depend on external factors, such as the climate, the location of the pool and the amount of sun the pool is exposed to. Therefore, we recommend that you contact our professional team if you have any doubts about the use of a thermal blanket.

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