Winter pool cover

PVC winter protection covers made to measure and in different colours

Usar un cobertor de piscina invierno de PVC es una buena medida para mantener el agua de la piscina cuando ya ha finalizado la temporada de verano. Con una lona para piscina obtendrás los mejores resultados de conservación de la piscina evitando con ellos la formación de algas, la evaporación o reduciendo los costos en mantenimiento, filtración, productos químicos, etc. El cobertor de piscina invierno se ancla de forma fácil manteniéndose de forma fija y tensa por todo el perímetro de la piscina. Ofrece una total seguridad y evita a su vez que el agua pueda ensuciarse con la caída de impurezas, hojas, deshechos etc. Una opción muy indicada para la conservación de la piscina en la temporada de invierno.

  • Blue bar cover

    From: 37,95
  • Brown winter pool cover

    From: 10,95
  • Blue winter pool cover

    From: 10,95
  • Black winter blankets

    From: 10,95
  • Grey winter cover

    From: 10,95
  • Green winter cover

    From: 10,95

Winter pool cover made to measure

Swimming pools suffer especially during the winter due to low temperatures and freezing temperatures. This can cause serious damage to your pool shell, pipes and other internal pool elements. With a winter pool cover you will protect your swimming area, avoiding this type of damage but also saving on maintenance.

We are manufacturers of all types of pool tarpaulins, we adjust to the needs of each client. Contact us if your pool has a special or irregular shape and we will tell you how to proceed to process your order.

We also custom make thermal blankets to increase the temperature of the water and keep it clean, which leads to savings in chemicals.

Custom pool cover

Lona para piscina Air cover

The PVC material (650 gr/m2) combined with an air pump inflation system make this the most sophisticated safety cover for pool maintenance.

Air Cover es una lona para piscina única en el mercado. El material de PVC (650 gr/m2) sumado a un sistema de inflado mediante una bomba de aire hacen de este cobertor de seguridad el más sofisticado para el mantenimiento de piscinas una vez termina la temporada de baño.

Esta lona para piscina posee las mismas características que nuestros materiales de PVC para cubrir la piscina en invierno.

Ventajas de la lona de piscina Air Cover:

  • Made with 2 layers of 650 g/m2 high tenacity PVC.
  • Includes rubber bands and anchors
  • Prevents dirt from falling into the pool.
  • The safety cover prevents people from falling into the bathing area.
  • Simple installation, same procedure as the installation of a classic winter cover.
  • Available in a wide range of colours.

A winter cover is the best option for maintaining the pool during the winter. It prevents dirt from falling into the pool, thus saving on chemicals.

Its opacity prevents the proliferation of algae. With a suitable treatment for winter you will be able to enjoy your pool when the good weather arrives, without the need for long and expensive treatments to recover the good condition of the water in your pool.

Thanks to its hemispherical shape, it avoids the accumulation of snow and water, so that the inclement weather does not affect the state of your pool or its cover.

By means of an inflation pump we can fill the interior cavity with air through the air intake incorporated in the cover. Through this intake we can also deflate it when the time comes to uncover the pool again.

La lona para piscina hinchable Air Cover se fabrica totalmente a medida, añadiendo un mínimo de 20 cm por cada lado a las medidas interiores de su piscina. De esta forma, la cubierta de protección será de mayor tamaño que el vaso de su piscina. Así, la lona será mayor que la superficie de la piscina consiguiendo evitar la entrada de suciedad en el interior de la piscina.

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Lona piscina de barras

A bar protection cover is the solution when it comes to fully protecting your bathing area. With this cover, total safety is guaranteed thanks to its system of cross bars.

A bar protection cover is the solution when it comes to fully protecting your bathing area. With this cover, total safety is guaranteed thanks to its system of cross bars. Get a completely safe pool without the need to install other types of systems that break with the aesthetics of the space, the bar cover is elegant and customizable in 7 different colors.

  • ISO9001 quality certificate.
  • Conforms to NFP90-308 standards.
  • 40 mm diameter bars.
  • Thickness 650 gr/m².
  • Distance of 1.60 to 1.90 m between bars.
  • With drainage system for rains.
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How to fix the Winter Pool Cover

When fitting a winter pool cover, it is necessary to take into account the elements involved as well as the way of fitting them, which we will explain in detail. See how to anchor the winter covers


Anchor bolts


Anchor plug + Anchor screw


Screws and ground anchor plugs


Winter cover


Advantages winter pool cover

  • Prevents dirt from falling into the water
  • Keep your pool water clean all winter long
  • Saves on maintenance and chemicals
  • Protect your pet from falling into the water
  • Protection cover. Supports heavy loads.
  • Prevents algae proliferation

Our technicians will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of each product, will solve all your doubts and will advise you which product best suits your needs, without any commitment, because our mission is to ensure a quality product to the customer.

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