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Why should all pools be covered?

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Why should you cover your pool?

Covering the pool, in addition to the benefits it brings in terms of enjoying the water in the desired conditions, saves money and energy. There is a world water crisis. In our country, a hydrological year has come to an end in which, although it has rained more than in previous years, the water reserve is at an all-time low.

The value of water

Users enjoy the benefits of public or private swimming pools with sustainable and reliable water consumption. Do we really value the abundance of the resource we use?

Owning and managing a swimming pool will naturally significantly increase a household's water usage. A substantial percentage of your pool's water consumption is due to evaporation.

Using a thermal cover is a simple and cost-effective way to reduce water waste in a pool. When a pool is covered, evaporation is reduced by 98%.

One of the most important aspects to take into account when we have a pool and want to save energy and water is to have it covered whenever it is not in use. During a swimming season in Spain, the average outdoor pool will lose approximately 35,000 litres of water through evaporation. This is equivalent to more than 150,000 cups of coffee or 180 10-minute showers.

Climate change is becoming a growing concern for pool owners looking to reduce their energy and resource consumption. Many pool owners underestimate something as simple as the benefits of a quality pool cover and its positive impact on resource consumption. Evaporation is responsible for 98% of water loss.

Covering your pool with Geobubble technology

GeoBubble thermal blankets provide a barrier over the pool eliminating evaporation and preserving this vital resource. 98% of evaporation and preserving this vital resource. Without a cover, the potential energy wasted due to evaporation is enormous.

If you have a swimming pool with a heat pump, the use of a thermal cover will prevent evaporation caused by having the pool uncovered. It will use the sun's energy to increase the temperature and prevent heat loss. Therefore, your pool's heat pump will not have to generate as much energy and, in this way, you will save money on your energy bill.

All GeoBubble covers will provide this evaporation control, as well as heat retention, debris control and temperature control for your pool, and the design of your bubble causes the expected life of your pool cover to increase by 25%. 

The water saved by covering your pool and preventing evaporation for one season is enough for 270 baths or more than 87,000 cups of tea. The energy saved over the same period is enough to power your TV for 5 hours a day for 95 days, or enough to power 112 15-watt light bulbs for a year 24 hours a day.

What type of cover should I use to cover my pool?

A study conducted by California Polytechnic State University investigated the evaporation reduction efficiencies of a variety of pool covers, the results of which are shown in the table below:

All types of pool covers will give you better evaporation control compared to an open-air pool, but which type of cover offers the best performance?

The study showed that liquid covers and solar disks provided substantially less effective evaporation control, with foam being the most effective, and a standard bubble cover showing an efficiency of around 95%.

However, from our own evaporation control tests, we have found that a GeoBubble cover will provide up to 98% evaporation reduction.

If you want to save on resources and meet specific needs, take a look at Geobubble's Guard range.


How to maintain the water in a spa? Tips

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Keeping the water in a spa clean and in good condition involves some key aspects. These include checking the levels of chemicals in the water as well as the filtration system. A spa cover will save on maintenance.

How should you measure chemical levels in the spa?

To keep the water clean it is important to measure the levels of chlorine, pH and bromine, for which a measuring kit is necessary. It is important that these levels are measured on a regular basis for the quality of the water and our own hygiene.

PH: This indicates the quality of the water. Having the pH regulated means that the water is clean and in perfect condition. We will measure it together with chlorine, both components are key to indicate the quality of the water. It is important that pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.8. If these levels are exceeded, the water will be alkaline. This means possible algae growth or cloudy water. On the other hand, if the levels are below these levels, the water will become acidic, causing possible itching and irritation to the eyes or skin.

Alkalinity: Recommended levels are between 80 and 130 ppm. Low alkalinity can lead to corrosion and skin irritation. High alkalinity can lead to limescale problems.

Bromine and chlorine: Free chlorine levels should be between 1 and 2 ppm. Bromine levels should be between 4 and 5 ppm. In order to enjoy a hygienic bathroom that does not endanger our health, it is important not to keep the disinfection levels below the indicated levels.

It is important to keep in mind the importance of monitoring these levels on a regular basis. There are factors that influence their variation, such as weather conditions. This process, although it may seem complex, is quite simple. It is enough to take water samples and use a measurement kit according to its instructions.

How is filtration carried out in a spa?

For filtration, the water passes through a path that starts with a suction inlet that absorbs it. It first passes through a filter that removes bulky dirt. Then, the microfilters remove the small debris.

This is essential to keep the water clean and free of bacteria and microbes. The spa is connected to a series of pipes through which the water passes. In this circuit, the water passes through filters that return it free of impurities. This system works thanks to a pump that propels the water in the spa. It is important to filter the water frequently to keep the water crystal clear.

How much filtration time is needed?

Filtration time will depend on how the spa is used (number of people) and where it is located. In an indoor spa, maintenance requires less filtration time (about 5 hours) than in an outdoor spa, which will require an average of 8 hours per day for filtration.

In summary, for a correct maintenance of the spa we must take into account:

  • Filtration: Filtration is essential to keep the spa water crystal clear and in optimum condition for bathing.
  • Filter maintenance: Regular cleaning of the filters is required.
  • Check the hardness of the water: An anti-scale system is important. Hard water impairs the proper functioning of the spa.
  • Check chemical levels in the water: Regularly check chlorine, pH and bromine levels.
  • Use a cover: Covering the spa, especially if it is outdoors, will keep the water clean and save on chemicals and maintenance.

We have a wide range of spa covers. We are specialists in their manufacture, which is why we make them completely made-to-measure and personalised.


Swimming pool tarpaulin. Characteristics and measurement.

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Covering the swimming area with a pool cover is a growing trend due to the benefits and advantages it offers in terms of savings and maintenance. If you have a rectangular pool, all you need to do is measure the pool shell (sheet of water). If you are measuring for a winter pool enclosure, you will need to add a surplus to this internal measurement to cover the coping stone partially or completely.

Kidney pool tarpaulin, how to measure it?

If you have decided to install a cover on your kidney-shaped pool and do not know how to measure it, we as specialists in the sector recommend two different options.

The option we prioritise is the measurement, to ensure that we make the cover completely customised so that it is watertight in the pool and is efficient and safe. For this measurement, we provide the customer with a triangulation template in which, starting from two separate points at a distance of between 0.50-1.00m, the contour of the pool is measured.

Another option to measure the swimming area and to be able to acquire the pool cover completely made to measure, is to send us a cover that you have had on another occasion or to create a template using plastic that is placed tautly around the pool and on which the outline is drawn.

Air Cover pool tarpaulin.

Request a quotation for shaped cover

If your pool is kidney-shaped or any other irregular shape and you want to cover it, you are in the right place. You can request a quote by contacting us here. We will advise you on the best option and help you to take the right measurements. We have a technical team that works with the most advanced software to ensure that your pool cover is perfect.

Swimming pool tarpaulin, what advantages does it offer me?

Covering the pool during the winter with a PVC tarpaulin saves on maintenance. Evaporation is prevented, thus saving water resources. For the environmental sustainability of the future, it is important to save water at the domestic level. A swimming pool loses 70,000 litres/year through evaporation, with a pool cover this problem is eradicated by 98%.

Another of the main advantages of covering the pool during the winter is the inhibition of algae growth. Winter covers are opaque, preventing the entry of light and thus eradicating the growth of algae in the pool. In this way, you will save on chemical products that carry out this task.

In terms of safety, covering the pool will give you peace of mind if there are children, pets or accidental falls in your home. The pool cover, anchored and stretched with rubber bands, supports the weight of an adult person. In addition, the pool will remain watertight against external agents, keeping the water clean.

What are the technical characteristics of our pool tarpaulins?

The winter blankets that it manufactures have a thickness of 650 gr/m2. International Coverpoolhave a thickness of 650 gr/m2. The products manufactured have the ISO9001 quality certificate. As for the bar covers (we will talk about this cover later), it is guaranteed by the NFP90-308 standard. All our covers are equipped with drains to avoid water accumulation and the expiry of the cover due to the weight.

The different possibilities to cover the pool in winter

As specialists in pool covers, we offer different solutions to cover the pool after the swimming season is over, from the standard pool cover to more sophisticated ones, which are listed below:

  • Bar cover

This winter cover uses cross bars to attach to the pool without the need to drill holes in the coping stone or wood to insert anchors. One of the safest covers on the market. With the bar cover, the pool is completely secure without the need to install other types of systems that break with the aesthetics of the space.

  • AirCover

This pool cover is the ultimate maintenance solution. It is an inflatable cover with a hemispherical shape. Its shape means that the water remains on the sides of the pool, reducing maintenance work to a minimum. The AirCover pool cover combines the best features of winter covers. The cover offers safety, hibernation and design in a single product. With a life span of more than 10 years, it is a very profitable investment.

Types of pool cover anchoring

  • Retractable screw

The classic type of anchor is screwed into the ground of the coping stone and is inserted flush with the ground.

  • Plug + Screw

Expandable brass socket, stainless steel screw and allen bolt.

  • Spades for turf

The grass spike is a solution to prevent anchoring in the pool coping stone. To fix them, they are placed buried at an inclination of 45º. They are made of stainless steel.

Our team of experts will advise you to find the option that best suits your needs. Complete this form and a specialised technician will contact you.

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How do isothermal pool covers work?

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In recent years, isothermal pool covers have taken off, mainly due to the large educational campaign produced by the industry. Another important factor is the increased awareness of the need to be more sustainable in our daily habits. However, among the wide variety of possibilities to cover the bathing area with a thermal blanket, we may doubt which is the best option or how each of them works.

How do isothermal pool covers work?

It is important to understand that each type of material performs differently and varies in terms of UV stability, thickness, durability and lifespan. Based on your preferences, you can choose from the different shades of isothermal pool covers and select the one that best meets your needs.

What effect does colour have?

Opaque materials such as Geobubble EnergyGuard™ are ideal for reducing chemical consumption and preventing algae growth. This is because they block light, preventing photosynthesis and photolysis, which deactivates active disinfectants in the pool. The cover absorbs a small increase in temperature and absorbs the sun's energy. It heats the pool through radiation and conduction.


Transparent materials are best suited to add heat to the pool and our tests have shown that Geobubble Sol+Guard™ is the most efficient. The material works like a glass roof, providing a temperature rise across the entire surface. It harnesses the full spectrum within the sun's atmospheric window. It increases the water temperature by up to 10ºC under optimal conditions.


If making the choice from an aesthetic point of view, it is important to consider the above sections as the ability of the cover to reduce, pool maintenance costs will depend on its characteristics. Most aesthetic colours tend to function as an intermediate between products such as Sol+Guard™ and EnergyGuard™ which provide some heat gain and some chemical savings, but will not have the same life span or provide the same high performance.


Covering the pool in summer. Advantages.

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With summer just around the corner, many people have already started the new bathing season and have already got their pool ready. There is a growing trend among those who have a private pool or live in a community with a swimming area to cover the pool in summer. But what are the advantages of using a pool cover in summer?

Covering your pool in summer will give you peace of mind.

By using a bubble pool cover, you will prevent external agents such as insects, leaves or any kind of dirt from falling into the water. This not only leads to less maintenance and consequently peace of mind, but also to significant annual savings in chemicals.


Keep your pool optimally heated

Covering your pool in summer with a thermal blanket will allow you to keep the water at a pleasant temperature and maintain it during the night. The Geobubble Sol+Guard double bubble thermal blanket increases the temperature by up to 10°C and maintains it.

Prevents 98% of water evaporation, every drop counts!

Covering your pool with a thermal blanket with OXO or Geobubble technology prevents up to 98% of water evaporation. In Spain, 15% of water resources have been lost in the last 10 years. In addition to saving on the maintenance of your pool... you give nature a helping hand!


Removable pool enclosures | Save on maintenance

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More and more people are interested in removable pool covers to save on pool maintenance. With the arrival of the sun and the good weather, many people are opting for an economical and versatile option to enjoy with the family.

Is it profitable to invest in a removable pool cover?

Removable pool covers are a great way to keep the pool water at a comfortable temperature and save on maintenance. You will avoid the fall of dirt and water evaporation, so the energy and chemical products costs will be reduced by more than 30%.

Covers for removable swimming pools, which one is best?

In general, above ground pools are not large in size, so inexpensive round bubble covers can be a great option. These classic bubble covers can last for 2-3 swimming seasons.

Bubble pool covers float on the surface of the water, with the bubble facing downwards so that they perform their function correctly. In addition to keeping the water clean, preventing all kinds of dirt from falling in, the bubble covers capture solar radiation and transfer it to the pool, increasing the temperature so that bathing is pleasant.

The above-ground pool covers we recommend

Among the most sold covers for removable pools we highlight the 350 micron ECO cover. This cover is the most common for this type of pool. Economical and with a good performance in terms of increasing the temperature and preventing evaporation. You can find it in our standard thermal blankets section at a price of 3,50 €/m2. This cover includes a bag for storage.

See cover 350 micron ECO

Another great option for covering your above ground pool is the 600 micron ECO cover. This thermal blanket is designed with round bubble and more microns for a longer life span. You will eradicate evaporation and increase the water temperature by up to 4ºC with a cover that is a top seller every swimming season.

See 600 micron cover ECO

An investment in a bubble cover quickly pays for itself thanks to savings in energy and maintenance chemicals, even if you have a small removable pool!


Protective cover for hose reel : Advantages

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Cover your blanket with another blanket? Yes, with a roll-up protective cover. This paradoxical solution can increase the lifespan of your thermal blanket by helping it stay flat and preventing damage to the material.

Why use a protective reel cover?

The thermal blankets with Geobubble technology are technologically designed to transfer solar energy to the pool. This makes it possible to increase the temperature during the day and maintain it at night.

Therefore, leaving your thermal blanket uncovered without using a roll-up for a long time can overheat the cover and cause it to curl.

As manufacturers, for the best maintenance and use of the heated pool blankets, we recommend rolling them up and protecting them with a cover for the roller. This way, you will be able to enjoy your pool in the best conditions for much longer.


Reflective cover for storage

Protect your investment in a pool cover.

The reflective storage cover has a light blue surface that reflects the sun's heat and a black reverse side that prevents light from penetrating the pool cover.

Independent scientific tests were carried out in the summer of 2009. The results showed that a stored bubble wrap rolled up, exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, reached temperatures of over 77°C.

Main advantages of the protective cover for reel

  • Protects your pool cover from sun damage
  • Reduces the temperature of a stored cover by more than 30°C.
  • Extends the life of your roof
  • Available in widths of 1 and 2 metres per 100 metres

If you want to know which are the best performing bubble thermal blankets on the market you can access to extensive information in this post.

For more tips and news of interest about your pool go to our blog.


How to heat pool water

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There are different ways to heat the water in the pool so that it is at a comfortable temperature. Among the different methods we highlight the thermal pool covers for their performance and value for money. Below we list different possibilities depending on your preferences.

Heat pump

Hot air utilization system. Heating takes place in a process that can take between 3-6 days. The temperature can be modified with a gradual system. They have a high price.

Solar heating

This method of heating pool water is based on a circuit that pumps the water to a solar collector panel that returns the hot water to your pool. It has a very high initial cost.

Heat Exchanger

It is installed in the central boiler of the household. Not all boilers are developed to connect this system. The cost is reasonable. It can work very well if the boiler is located near the bathing area. It takes about 3 days to heat the water.

Thermal blankets for swimming pool

For heating pool water and saving on chemicals, this is our recommended choice. Geobubble is an innovative material that uses a scientifically developed bubble contour to increase the lifespan of your heating blanket. It is 50% thicker than a traditional bubble. This material acts as a barrier between the water surface and the atmosphere. Covering the pool with a Geobubble thermal blanket prevents evaporation by 98% and increases the water temperature.


Pool Covering | Benefits

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Covering the pool : What are the advantages?

People who have a swimming pool know the daily maintenance and care that must be carried out in order to enjoy the water in optimum conditions. For this reason, covering the pool with a cover provides a series of advantages for saving on the care of the bathing area.

1. Regulates the temperature

Extending the swimming season is one of the main objectives when installing a pool cover. In this way, you can regulate the water temperature according to your needs. There is a wide range of thermal blankets to increase or decrease the water temperature to your liking.

2. Security

The bathing area, an area of relaxation and fun for the family, is one of the attractions for the little ones in the house. This can pose a risk.

A protective cover will protect this area from the danger of accidental falls. In addition, you will save on pool maintenance.

3. Cleanliness (and savings)

Covering the pool involves maintaining the temperature with the consequent savings in energy resources. In addition, the cover will prevent external agents from falling and soiling your swimming area, this is synonymous with savings in maintenance.

4. Respect the environment

Our covers are made from recycled and recyclable plastics. They are technologically developed to prevent evaporation, thus saving natural resources. In addition, as mentioned above, waste pollutionis considerably reduced.

Swimming pool heating systems

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Heating the water in a swimming pool is a must if we want to maintain a stable temperature throughout the year, thus getting the most out of our pool.

There are different alternatives in terms of systems to heat the water in our pool. Choosing the most suitable for our pool will depend on the characteristics of the pool, its shape, location, environment or use.

Indoor and outdoor pool

Indoor swimming pools need a dehumidifier to prevent condensation from forming in the environment, as well as a water heating system and an air conditioning system. On the contrary, an outdoor pool will only need a system to heat the water.

Regardless of the type of pool we have and the heating system we are going to use, it is highly recommended to install a cover in our pool to avoid water evaporation and temperature reduction. Therefore, this type of cover is also considered a heating system.

Heating systems

Heat pump

Heat pumps are equipment that use the heat present in the air to transfer it to a fluid or directly to the water in our pool. These heat pumps are the systems most in demand today, both for indoor and outdoor pools.

This is because they are simple to install, competitively priced and have low energy consumption. 

Electric heater

Its operation is similar to the previous one, but it does not use the heat from the air but heats the water using electricity.

These types of systems are not used much because of the fear of failure and because electricity is more expensive.

Solar energy systems

This type of system is also based on renewable energy, in this case solar energy. Solar panels use solar energy to heat the water that moves through your system until it reaches the temperature we want. Once it has reached that temperature, the water is transferred to the pool.

At present they are the most environmentally friendly systems and their maintenance is very small. However, we must bear in mind that they must be exposed to direct sunlight and that we will need a large space near our pool to install the panels.

Heat exchanger

This type of system uses natural gas or propane gas to heat the pool water by means of a boiler.

Thermal blanket

This type of system is a pool cover that heats the water using the heat of the sun.

They are the best system for heating our pool as they are economical, prevent water evaporation and keep your pool clean for longer. The cleaner the water is, the less we have to change it, so not only will we save on energy, but also on water.

Moreover, this type of system does not take up space since it is installed above our pool. They are also very easy to use as they include automatic systems that roll up and unroll them.